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Jobfindr will always be a free resource for migrants. Help us grow and do more by supporting our mission -empowering migrants through decent work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a non-profit organization?

No. We're a company, who pays taxes etc. Therefore, support is unfortunately non tax deductable.  

Why are you a business and not a non-profit?

Our mission to empower migrants is best served by being a business. Creating sustainable products, services, and initiatives can provide win-win results for migrants and society alike, and we are commited to this journey. Achieving this is a work in progress.

Is Jobfindr connected to HireChance & Migrate Coffee?

Yes! Jobfindr is under the same umbrella as HireChance, and Migrate Coffee at Arclabs. All are focused on the same mission of empowering migrants, but in slightly different ways.

I'm not in a position to financially support. Is there anything else I can do?

That's totally fine - there is no obligation to support financially, we'll still do what we do! We'd really appriciate it if you spread the word - to migrants you know, orgsanisations who work with them, and companies who are interested in hiring them

What's your crypto addresses?

While we are setting up a more suitable setup for crypto support, here are our wallet addresses:

BTC: bc1qy8datttnl0hqp3y0cc8phd5gn257zkya4c4fp7
ETH: 0xF7c05D63Bf85555B2dBEFba3fB9DE8F9B43D0BCA
SOL: 3Z4zdFKpMvXmXqVR4YBgDQ88iFtJYpwJqtd8XyTsJcnn

The support is much appreciated!