The Inturns Program is an immersive, complete career preparation program that fosters meaningful cooperation amongst local companies and international students, through intuitive education, hands-on experience, and quantitative feedback.

The Inturns Program helps students and graduates prepare for their career, and matches them with companies based across the world for short to medium term remote internships. The aim of Inturns is to provide students and graduates with the opportunities needed to kick start their careers, while also providing companies with global ambitions, the ability to collaborate with students who can add value to their development. We believe that education is the key to professional growth and Inturns will plant seeds of understanding in companies and interns – building relevant skills for employment and entrepreneurship.

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150-010 Seoul KR
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  • Salary Range N/A
  • Job Type Internship
  • Job Category(s) Business Administration, Creative, Technology
  • Visa Sponsorship? N/A
  • Language(s) English