Unity is the creator of the world’s most widely-used real-time 3D (RT3D) development platform, providing content creators around the world with the tools they need to build rich, interactive 2D, 3D, VR and AR experiences. In fact, apps made with Unity reach 2.7 billion devices worldwide, and were installed more than 24 billion times in the last 12 months.

The global engineering team keeps Unity at the forefront of technology and — working alongside partners like Magic Leap, Google, Facebook, Oculus and Microsoft — ensures optimized support for the latest technology and platforms. Unity is powering the real-time revolution, expanding beyond games and breaking into other industries including automotive, film, architecture, engineering, construction and more.


As an Artist Intern at Unity Technologies, you will get to work with our world class team of creatives and thinkers to improve the graphics quality of all Unity products, including games, films and animations. In addition, our interns get exposure with our technical support team to solve hard problems for our Chinese star clients. You will work intimately with the 2D/3D artist tools create or modify art assets, tune lighting, material, and animation parameters in Unity to improve rendering quality. Most exciting of all, our interns learn how to engage with new features and artist tools, make eye-catching demos and novel projects of your own.

Over the course of your six month internship, not only will you learn mountain-loads, but you will be surrounded by talented, hard-working, caring and supportive co-workers, work in a fun and international environment and culture, and aid us in our global mission: to democratize development, solve hard problems, and enable success. Join Unity China!!

Must Have

A major in art (or similar subject); good aesthetic; solid art background, especially in lighting and color.
Proficient in Photoshop or one 2D painting tool; familiar with 3ds Max or Maya.
Great communication skills and ability to work effectively on shared projects with engineers, designers, artists, testers, and other developers.
Good creativity and imagination, a love gaming, film, animation, and technology.

Anything Else

ZBrush or Substance experience
Unity3d experience
Familiar with real time rendering or shader experience

  • Salary N/A
  • Job Type Internship
  • Job Category Creative
  • Visa Type VALID
  • Language(s) Chinese, English