Customer Side FAQ


How much does it cost to post a job on Jobfindr or access Jobfindr’s resume database?

You can choose to post a job on Jobfindr for either 14 days ($14) or 28 days ($28). You can also subscribe to Jobfindr’s resume database for either 14 days ($14) or 28 days ($28).

Once your job is posted, you can manage everything through your account page. Get your job post started posting a job or to browse resumes from great candidates.

Need a more customised service? Get in touch at and let us know what you need, we promise to get back to you ASAP.

How much does it cost to post volunteer opportunities?

Jobfindr believes that volunteering is a very important activity and we are committed to assisting organisations as much as we can in getting the word out about your project.

As soon as your group or organisation is verified, volunteer opportunities can be posted for free on Jobfindr. Get in touch with us at to get your volunteer opportunity posted!

Where will my job get posted?

Jobfindr helps your job go far and wide. Besides Jobfindr’s platform, your job post will be visible on our SNS channels including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Furthermore, we’ll suggest your job to suitable candidates through our Kakao Yellow ID and Facebook Messenger AI Chatbot.

How do I edit my job post once I have posted it?

Simply log in to your employer account, select the “edit” option next to the job that you would like to edit, make your changes, and click “submit”.

How do I extend the expiration date of a position once I have already posted it on the Job Board?

In your employer account, you can extend the job post expiration date at any time (as long as it is before the job post actually expires). If the job post expires, it will drop off of your list of active jobs and you will have to repost the position.

Do you have any quality guidelines for job content?

YES. As a condition to access and use the site and services of Jobfindr, you agree not to use the site or services for any purpose or in any manner that violates any local, state or federal law or regulation or that violates the law or regulation of any foreign government. Also your job posting must be free from any illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, pornographic, sexually explicit, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, and/or racially, ethnically, or otherwise offensive content.

Can I post more than one job in a post?

Yes and no. Yes, if the job post has multiple positions available for the same job (i.e Part-time waiting staff at a restaurant). However, no if the job post is for multiple positions, at multiple locations. If this is the case, you’ll need to purchase individual job posts for each position. (i.e Private tutoring gigs across Seoul). We do this so candidates can easily find jobs right for them and companies can get a higher quality of applicants.

Candidate Side FAQ


How much does it cost to view jobs or post your resume on Jobfindr?

Jobfindr is absolutely FREE for people looking for jobs. 

How can I see a complete listing of all jobs posted to the site?

To see a complete listing of all jobs, just click right here! 

How do I apply for a job listed on Jobfindr?

Simply click apply on the bottom of the job post. If you haven’t made an account, you’ll be prompted to do so (it’s quick and painless, we promise!). If you already signed up, it takes seconds! 

How do I search for volunteer positions?

Volunteer opportunities can be found by selecting ‘Volunteer’ on the homepage or by filtering for ‘Volunteer’ in the Category section of the search page. Alternatively, click here if you can’t wait that long.

What is the Jobfindr Blast/Newsletter?

Jobfindr Blast is a newsletter that we send out via e-mail to our subscribers about the latest job postings and employment information. Click here to customise your Jobfindr Blast and be the first to hear about new jobs matching your search criteria. You may set up as many Jobfindr Blasts as you like and you may cancel them at any time.

What are Jobfindr’s SNS channels?

Check out the bottom of the page to find our most popular SNS channels. Also, don’t forget that you can chat with us on Kakao or Facebook Messenger.